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Porn Sites & Stars is a list of the internet's top porn sites at a glance and important infos about them. Our team is collecting and testing all kind of 18+ websites available on the net, dumping the crap and writing reviews of the best of them!

"Why?" Because usually they just want to sell their content. Noone is honest. Everyone has "the hottest babes", "the best scenes", "no limits" and you can be sure to watch all their websites on all devices! ;) And that's where we jump in! We are here to filter out the real differences between them, find really awesome scenes and features and point out the downsides. In short: To find the best porn sites for you!

Have you ever had questions like "Is it free? Or are there annoying ads? How often do they update? Is there any bonus material I get with a subscription?"
Whatever info you might miss on the site itself (without signing up first) will be answered in our reviews. We are working closely with a few hundred porn producers to get access to their sites and to write honest reviews. Also, a lot of them offer discounts, so you don't have to pay the full price when signing up via pornsitestars.

Find all kind of porn sites

We reject malware-infected websites and those with excessive ads, because we don't only want to show you only the greatest, but first and foremost safe porn - not just the biggest list.

There is a lot from malware on free porn sites and we just don't want to support such crap. Apart from that, we deliver: big tubes, small niche sites, great mega portals or just informative blogs. If it's woth a visit, we list it! We ensure that we just have the best resources for all and any kind of adult entertainment out there. While most review platforms only look at sites where they get money from, at Porn Sites & Stars you will find all of them: free, freemium and premium porn!

Depending on your decision to either enjoy for free or your willingness to pay top dollar, you can check out free tubes, aggregators, free galleries or major sex cams; or you can check out popular studios and mega sites and have fun with HD porn and top-notch quality content!

If you are not sure where to start, I'd recommend to check out our virtual reality porn section – VR is getting bigger and better as the time goes by and if you own some goggles or even a wired device, you definitely have to check it out - It is mind-blowing! Furthermore, the evergreen category Amateur and Homemade is very popular, because a lot of people prefer sex scenes of real amateurs having real intense orgasms instead of overly moaning pornstars.

Also the genre Porn for Women is getting more fans, just like our beloved Shemale Porn - If you like chicks with dicks - you are not alone! Personally, I don't like it that much, but to each his own - so if you like that or are just curious: a glimpse does not hurt! ;)

We also review free porn!

Everyone loves smut – and if you are low on money at no-cost even more! Alas, not all videos, pictures or text are of the same quality (and/or length), but ironically, that’s the price you pay for getting something for free! Lucky for you, we’ve managed to list the best pages that offer free videos, photos and stories – you can enjoy everything without spending a dime!

Of course, the quality might not be HD, and you’ll have to endure those annoying pop-up ads and the videos are usually much shorter (2-10 minutes to compared to 30 minutes scenes or feature length films on paysites) but if you aren’t able to spend a couple of bucks on porn, we provide this separate pornlist of the best free XXX sites for your enjoyment! More than reviews!

Reviews of porn sites is the biggest part here - But just as our name says: we offer more! If you like porn stars, don't hesitate to check out our directory: We maintain news and offer free promo videos of more than 17.000 performer for free.
A neat little feature is our facial recognition of pornstars, which we offer as a free service. If you have a picture or video-screenshot of a girl or dude or maybe just a photo of your crush, we can search our database to find either their name or a look-a-like. Creepy? We don't care, as long as you are happy! :)

"Is that all"? No, of course not - Furthermore, big companies are giving away a lot of free videos to get a glimpse on what is going on if you join. And we would not be known as Porn Sites & Stars, if we did not gather them, too. Just go to our porn video section or check out the review of your favorite site to find their free promo videos.

I hope you enjoy your stay!

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