Time to Buy VR!

Last week we informed you to wait for Halloween discounts – Now there are coming and SLR jumps in with a 70% discount & a VR flat rate.

Sex Like Real (we have it listed as SLR VR Porn) is a porn site, where you are able to buy single titles from different VR porn studios. As a special Halloween present, they are now offering a so-called “premium”-membership, where you can subscribe to them for a flat rate for $34.95 a month to get full access to ALL their titles, which are more than 2000 right now.

Previously we featured vrporn.com as “Netflix for VR porn”, but with this business model, SLR offers more videos than them and may be preferred by people who can’t get enough VR porn videos.

  1. Unlimited access to 2,000 VR porn videos with no additional charges.
  2. Over 30 new scenes per month
  3. Better image quality than anywhere else – 6K and 90fps with exclusive SLR mastering
  4. One easy-to-manage subscription just like Netflix

VOD customers can celebrate Halloween too at SLR: You get 1331 titles for 70% off until 5. November. So hurry up to check them out before this is over!

Source: Sex Like Real

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