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13 Reviews - Porn Star Databases

  1. If any website knows everything about pornstar and adult model's boobs, then it is Boobpedia. As the name already reveals, it is a wiki of boobs.

  2. The biggest and most popular resource to find porn stars and famous hot babes. And as far as I know, it is also the oldest one starting in 1998. With every featured porn star you can get easily to content via their very own dashboard, where galleries and videos are linked.

  3. IAFD 

    If you ever wanted to get some info about an adult movie, you can be sure that the IAFD got you covered. They have data of more than 180.000 titles and 140.000 actors and is the most complete db of porn movies out there.

  4. A free resource to get info from nearly 19.000 babes including their biography. 9000 galleries, ~150k photos, a few videos and more. A lot of their content is user contributed.

  5. Search and Explore

    Porn star database sites are the unsung heroes of the porn world. These sites meticulously gather, collect, analyze and organize data about every porn star that ever appeared in a porn movie or video – and while that sounds fun, it’s still hard work!

    It’s easy to watch porn, but can you name five of your favorite porn actors or actresses? “That girls from that gangbang video” doesn’t count – and that’s where porn star databases come into play! They will have a list of movies made by a particular porn star, his or her strong points, description, short bio, awards and other interesting facts!

    Those sites are stuffed with all kind of information

    Maybe you want to find your favorite actress and see the list of her movies; maybe you’re looking for a particular scene and you know only the lead male (watching porn doesn’t exactly go hand in hand with memorizing the titles of what you’re watching). Perhaps you just want to browse one of these sites and discover new faces, see what’s on the market or check out some interesting facts like who got AVN or XBIZ awards – which are usually a good measure of quality.

    Regardless of your wishes and intentions, it’s always fun to check out porn star databases – they’re a gold mine of information, facts, and news about porn stars! Check out our list – it’s the best list on the internet that contains some pretty great sites: from wiki-like sites that allow you to search by term to independent databases that list only girls, only guys or shemale performers, there’s no end to exploring and excitement!

    Also, don't forget to visit our own here. ;)
  6. An adult database containing more than 40.000 models. Get pics, bios and more of any popular model around. From the menu you can pick for models, photo set, galleries, forum and the top-100, where the galleries and forum lead to 3rd party sites.

  7. is a huge free pornstar site with free pornstars pics, vids, news, links to official pornstars sites, birthdays and more... You can browse all girls by name, the top 100 or ny movies. On the main-site you also already some featured girls.

  8. Tons of info about all kind of European pornstars. Inclduing free photos, videos with regular updates.

  9. It is a porn star directory of European girls. Or at least it should be like that. But they have also American Girls, what I usually appreciate. But if a website is named like that, it should deliver. Anyway, there are tons of European performers, you won't find easy anywhere else, so it is still worth a look.

  10. Dont know the name of an asian pornstar? Search through this database and I am sure you will find it!

  11. A big and up to date pornstars directory.

  12. Biggest Porn Stars and Babes database. Huge collection of sorted Porn Videos and Porn Pictures with regular updates.

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