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Last update: Jan 16, 2018
Trial: $1.00
1 Month: $24.95
1 Year: $71.40 year
As the newest addition to the Badoink network, 18VR offers VR porn sites with 18+ yo girls.

Every week they release an exclusive teen VR title for Oculus, Vive, Gear VR and all smartphones. The trial is limited to 1 download only, but already with a 1 month membership, you can download all of them without any limits.

While it is a very new site you only get 23 videos right now, starring hot pornstars like Alexis Crystal, Nicole Vice and Belle Claire. If you are a regular visitor of PornGatherer, you know we check out a lot of stuff and the first what attracts my attention is the name of the website: "18VR" and then one of the first models is Alexis Crystal? While I would never call Alexis an old lady, I'd expect 18 yo girls only. But she is 24. For me it makes no difference - A hot girl is a hot girl, especially if she can move like Alexis, but launching a site 18VR and then feature 6+ year older ladies leaves a bitter taste in the mouth.

Apart from that, 18VR delivers and if you are concerned about the few videos: With a membership, you get access to the whole Badoink VIP network including more than 10.000(!) porn videos.
Speaking about quality, at VR18 you get 4K at 60fps, so you won't miss any details. ;) Unlike other VR sites like virtual real porn, they, unfortunately, don't support teledildonics like Kiiroo or Fleshlight. But if you don't own such a device and solely are interesting in the 3D world it does not make a great difference.

As a bonus for US customers, 18VR also are running a promo where you get a free google cardboard to use your mobile efficiently.

Let's keep our fingers crossed that they will extend their catalog regularly, so they can be competitive to other VR sites even without the 10.000 network videos you get as a bonus.

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