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Review of Affect 3D Store

Last update: Apr 27, 2017
Founded in 2010, Affect3D has grown into one of the largest sites specialized in 3DX/CG porn.

They have great artists around the globe brining you excellente 3DX, which they call themselves the "future of porn". The community of 3DX fans is growing every day and this site ensures its success through innovation, collaboration and the involvement of the community.

You can download various smaller and also larger animations, comics as well as erotic 3d games starting for a few bucks up to ~$25 - but there is also some free stuff. All articles are "delivered" online only, so you won't get any hardcopies, etc. Instant high-speed downloads ensure that those HQ material will come to you at no time. ;)

"Passion before Profit" is the sites motto and so there are no cross-sales, nor automatic re-bills or whatever. Just pick the stuff you like, pay and have fun with it.

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