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Review of DrunkenStepFather

Last update: Dec 18, 2017

DSF is a news blog about celebs and babes. Every day (except weekend) you get a lot of pictures and links with naked celebs, nip-slips, and hot girls. Also, you will find some awesome and funny videos around the world.

The main focus is celebs and so nearly all posts include some nipples, butts or just sexy underwear of girls you know.

From the menu, you can also pick steptv, where you will find SFW cam girl clips or videos, where you will find weird videos like girls smelling their boyfriends' underwear to NSFW clips, where people really get hurt. Some of them are embedded, while others go to LiveLeak.com - But it seems all of them are hand-picked and some are really funny to watch.

To check out previous posts, just head over to the stepnews section where you can crawl through their archive of awesome news back to their first post in the year 2009 - Topic "COUGAR CONVENTION IN SAN FRANCISCO OF THE DAY", for those who are curious. ;)

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