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Review of GoGo Bar Auditions

Last update: Jan 16, 2018
1 Month: $19.95
6 Month: $59.95
1 Year: $119.40 year
This is the first BAR GIRL casting site ever featuring real interviews and behind the scene auditions.

If you have ever been to Thailand you may know those sexy GoGo girls. To become one of them, you have to go through a casting: The Gogo Bar Auditions! Thai girls from Issan provinces are interviewed on this kind of "casting couch" site, they dance for you and finally get fucked in the end.

The offered HD videos are around 20 minutes long and can be streamed directly from the site. A download is unfortunately not possible.

The site just has launched, so there are only 25 videos right now, but they do weekly updates, so you constantly get fresh content.

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