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Last update: May 23, 2018

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  • Best Bondage Site
  • Exclusive Titles
  • 600 videos
  • High Price
1 Month: $55.00
3 Month: $99.99
6 Month: $199.99
Every week you get a new video of a professional tied up girl - mostly hanging from the ceiling. You know Insex and/or the bondage legend PD? These are the same people here.

They are doing rope bondage since 1997 and so it is a must-stop for BDSM rope induced orgasms. They bind beautiful women in inescapable rope bondage, including Shibari (Japanese rope bondage), leather straps and wood device systems. PD starts binding them slowly with their clothes on as kind of "bondage foreplay" and undresses them within the session.

There is no way they get out alone and so they have to endure their punishment by their master. They get gagging balls, pussy clamps and their tits stretched that they start crying. At Hardtied you get the full bandwidth of the art of bondage: hogtie, steer tie, suspension bondage, tight gags, extreme BDSM and inverted suspensions. And PD does not stop until everyone has an intense orgasm.

The HD videos are offered as a stream, but you can also download everything, including extensive photo collections of the sessions. Right now there are nearly 600 videos and they update steadily.

And now for the downsides...
Actually, if you are into bondage, you won't find any other site doing this in this quality. Kink.com comes close, but this is the very best IMHO.
Since it is that exclusive and good, the downside is the price. $55 for a single month is the most expensive rate in the business, so you better go for 3 month+.

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