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Review of Hot Sexy Dolls

Last update: May 14, 2018

Hot Sexy Dolls is a sexshop which solely sells high-quality sex dolls.

They don't procude those dolls themselves, but buy bulk directly from JYDoll, which is a chinese company specialized in manufacturing full solid TPE dolls.

Personally, I don't own such a doll, nor did I try one of them, but in the scene it is a well-known brand. To make it way more sanitary, the vaginas can be taken out, cleaned and also replaced if needed. Just in case you were going to wild, they also send their dolls with a spare vagina.

They provide a wide range of different products, starting with a "torso only" doll for as low as $54 up to 5 Feet 5 Inch tall dolls for $1,324.00 USD. You can buy accessories/upgrades like an anal/vagina vibrator, doll clothes, eyes, or TPE glue - if you are into BDSM and spanked her too much. ;)

Jokes aside: According to the mass and the scene, DY dolls are HQ girls where you can live out your fetish. They are the market leader for sex dolls and you will be happy with them.
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