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Last update: Jul 24, 2017
1 Month: $34.95
3 Month: $69.95
1 Year: $134.95 year
Lust Cinema – Innovative Erotic Videos

Lust Cinema is not yet another porn conglomerate; it’s the brainchild of Erika Lust, award-winning feminist erotic director and screenwriter that hails from Sweden. Instead of making the usual kind of porn (that is often seen as too simple or sexist), Lust Cinema offers one of a kind blend of vivid, natural and inclusive porn that becomes art in itself. The main idea behind Lust Cinema is to show the viewer “films that show all of the passion, intimacy, love and lust in sex”, in the words of their founder. Indeed, the idea behind Lust Cinema is seen ever in its design: differing from traditional black background, Lust Cinema offers white background and polished interface that showcases movies, chapters, cast, directors, blog and store menu pages, emphasizing that updates are performed every Friday.

One of the perks of Lust Cinema is that it doesn’t shy away from fetish, gay or lesbian erotica – if you want something done with style, elegant and natural erotic videos, Lust Cinema is the perfect choice. It blends modern aesthetic with high production values, a its strong creative background is felt in every frame and movement. Both male and female models are beautiful yet natural and next door kind of guys and girls, and you can really feel the sexual tension and pleasure between them in every movie. Lust Cinema actually serves as an online cinema that allows you to browse and download feature length erotic films that want to bring something new and unique in adult entertainment. Each movie is a work of art, with one of a kind music score and actors that really want to show their devotion and love in front of the camera. There are also various forms of erotica here – from short films to full length movies.

Of course, Lust Cinema doesn’t come for free, but it’s the best choice if you want high value erotic movies that respect and celebrate women in high definition.

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