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Last update: Apr 15, 2017
1 Month: $25.00
3 Month: $45.00
1 Year: $96.00 year bills itself as “the home of self-filmed passion”. When you enter Lustery, you'll have access to some of the hottest homemade porn videos on the planet. This site features real couples filming themselves in the act of lust and passion without gimmicks, story lines, or high production value. Each scene is hot and horny and authentic, so if you like your porn to be professionally shot with perfect lighting, scripted content, and ladies who act as objects for the camera, you'll be a bit disappointed when you join Lustery.

Lustery is more than just porn, it's an actual sex-positive community without shame or prejudice. The real life couples enjoy filming themselves wherever they might happen to be and then submitting to Lustery to share their unabashed love with the world. Just because this site offers up straight and lesbian amateur couples sucking and fucking, it doesn't mean that the scenes aren't as sexy and mind blowing as they can be. There's a blog too, where like-minded couples can chime in on their favorite scenes, share their experiences, and take part in the community that is

The videos on Lustery are a mix of different HD sizes and quality depending on the cameras that each couple used to film their fun. There's a lot to see and do within the site, including testimonials from users, fans, and the founder of the site who is a woman who was fed up with scripted objectification of women. The price points are amazing for such a unique and sexy site, so there's no doubt you'll find a membership option to fit well within your budget. If you find that you and your partner want to be a part of the action, there's even a button to submit your own content.

Each membership gives you access to couples profiles, a dashboard that you can personalize, and endless reading on the blog that provides support, suggestions, and answers to questions you might have about the Lustery lifestyle. Even if you don't want to be a part of their community, the amazing and sexy homemade videos made by real couples will help to get you off and keep you coming back for more!

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