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Orgasm Sound Library

Ron Harris

Review of Orgasm Sound Library

Last update: Jul 12, 2017

Most people enjoy visual stimulation when they are searching for porn. If you like to try out something different, then the Orgasm Sound Library is a good start to a new perspective.

In short, you won't find any tits, pussies, hot (fe-)male bodies or anything visual seductive - you are "just" able to hear women achieving a real orgasm. Just relax, turn on your headphones and close your eyes to get off to the most alluring sounds of real pleasure.

There are already way more than 550 orgasm sounds online. If you like the site and want other people getting off to your audio, you can also upload your own orgasm sounds.

The site generally covers a female perspective of porn and so you will also find some statistics and FAQs like "Fiction versus reality in sex" with topics like "Taboos, beliefs, philia and phobias in the realm of sexual activity".

All in all a very interesting site with great female orgasms.

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