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Review of Seventeen live

Last update: Aug 05, 2017

Can you guess what kind of models you will find on seventeen-live? If you guessed cute models in the seventeen to nineteen year old range you would be correct! Seventeen-live provides a very narrow but distinct offering with their line-up of models. If you are looking to chat with “girl next door” types that like to giggle, flirt, show off their budding breasts and say “like” a lot, then Seventeen-live should be your go-to webcam site.

Once on the site, you will find models of all different body types and looks. They have your classic cute bleached blonde models that are all smiles and bright eyed. Then they have some exotic looking European beauties, Asian models, Latina hotties and some models that might sit slightly outside the nineteen-year-old range, possibly getting up into the mid-twenties from the looks of it but overall most of the models look like your classic college co-ed. Keep in mind that Seventeen-live is not in the market to compete with the more diverse cam sites out there. They very specifically adhere to the “college co-ed” model here so you won’t find MILF’s or even women in their 30’s online waiting to chat.

There is not a whole lot to do for free on Seventeen-live until you officially register with the site but you can look at a models photos and read her bio. Some of the bios are pretty extensive and they all list basic facts like age, eye colour, zodiac sign, weight, etc. Some of the models go on to write paragraphs about themselves and their likes, such as attending garden parties or hanging out at the beach. Once you have seen the photos and read the bios, you will need to register with the site and create an account to interact and explore around more. Registration is free and you do get some nice privileges like 5 minutes of “free” chat time with a model and daily events that you can watch for free, so registration is totally worth it.

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