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Last update: Sep 28, 2017
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The whole network is specialised on female and couples friendly porn, shot exclusively by professional filmmakers and photographers in HD quality.

Depending on the site you go, you get sensual massages, a lot of erotic on danejones, lesbian content or fantasy. But all of them are solely created for females and couples... Or men enjoying sensual content just like me. :)

They are perfect for a timeout of the gagging, rough and unnatural sex, etc you get on most sites.
The following sites are part of this network:

Sexyhub - Lucy
Sexyhub - Natally
Sexyhub - Lakeside
Sexyhub - Penthouse Apartment
Sexyhub - Honey Pot
Sexyhub - Up Inside Her
Sexyhub - Somewhere Somehow
Sexyhub - A Gift
Sexyhub - A Change Of Plan
Sexyhub - Portrait of a Girlfriend

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