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Review of WHentai

Last update: Sep 11, 2017

WHentai is a very good resource for manga-, hentai- and anime-lovers. They don't just offer hentai pics for free - they offer a chance for their members to get their fantasies drawn by their favorite artist. For a reasonable price members get an illustration of their fantasy scenario involving two or even more characters. The more detailed the request is, the more detailed the result will be.

To lay out the process: a user submits an idea and sets the budget, then it's up to the artist to check the idea and set the price/time. Then the user chooses the artist he likes - and then it's up to the artist, yet again. He draws the thing and uploads it on here.

The beauty of it all is that they can proudly say that the content here is created FOR fans and BY fans. WHentai doesn't get artists who are trying to make quick money at fantasy's expense, they make sure that the people involved in the process are fans themselves: those who get this sorta passion.

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