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  1. They offer photos of celebrities including shots from thefappening, where tons of pics where leaked online. You will find a more than 1400 naked celebs with an amount of 26k+ photos! TheFappening is the #1 ressource for all naked celebrities on the net.

  2.  $15.00

    Mr Skin is a useful for finding pictures and videos of naked celebrities. You can search for nude scenes of your favorite actress in movies within minutes. They have a decent database containing a lot of info for every actress including in which videos -and at what time- they werek naked.

  3. On this site you find everything about celebrities - Including (fake) nudes, funny stories and some REALLY weird stuff. Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber already sued the site, but they give a fuck. Instead they always offer them to convert to islam to remove photos or stories.

  4.  $1.00
    Playboy Plus 

    Explore the world of Playboy Plus. Enjoy all Playmates, Coeds and more. They have a big archive with all centerfolds and of course you also get pics of recent models. All of them are truly gorgeous, tho some images are re-touched too much for my taste.

  5. We follow celebrities on Twitter, we tune into their Instagram accounts to see what photos they are posting and we even follow their Snapchat accounts. But when you are looking for a more XXX celebrity experience, you’ve got to check out these porn sites that bring you naked and exposed celebrities! See their tits, ogle at their asses, make a bet with yourself to see if they shave naked, trim or grow a full bush! And for all you ladies out there, there are plenty of celebrity cock photos to check out as well. See for yourself who is hung and who must have gotten out of a cold pool!

    These sites have everything you could want in celebrity porn. From a little peak at some dark bush hair that slipped out while a celebrity was vacationing in Mexico, to full on celebrity nudity caught on camera, right on up to the leaked celebrity sex tapes that capture the world’s attention, these sites have it all. A few of these sites even catalog the nudity that stars freely exhibit in the Hollywood movies that they make.

    You will be amazed at how much celebrity porn is out there! It seems the paparazzi is always there to catch a naught naked rendezvous on a balcony, to a star skinny-dipping off their private yacht in the Maldives. We compiled this list of the best celebrity smut sites to save you time and allow you to zero in on exactly the kind of XXX celebrity action that you want to see. Musicians, Hollywood actors and actresses, famous athletes and even B-list celebrities can all be found here in various states of undress right on up to getting busy in a homemade sex tape!
  6. If you are into celebrity stuff and especially like nip slips, you should bookmark this site NOW

  7. Name says it all: On this blog you get pics and videos of hot female celebrities. They don't have explicit stuff, but you will see popular, beautiful girls on the red carpet, tons of celebs on the beach and sexy "behind the scene"

  8. Sexbaba is actually a forum providing tons of fakes of Bollywood celebs. But there are also other categories like "Desi Nude Photos" and (locked) Indian Sex Mms & Scandal Videos. But their main focus is on the fake celebs.

  9. Nude pins of celebes all in one place do next exist? They do! While most pinboards have a shitload of all kind of porn pictures, specialized on nude of celebs only and kept a very clean look.

  10. Naked Celebrities... and Smut

  11.  $3.95
    Vivid Celeb 

    Vivid has been one of the biggest brands in adult for over 30 years and has thousands of award-winning videos and photos of adult stars over the past 2 decades. Featuring content of stars like Jenna Jameson, Monique Alexander, Sunny Leone and Christy Canyon, and more than 90 celebrity sex tapes you will find something you like.

  12. is an aggregator of free celebrity nudes. If you go there, you will see the latest pics from various sites. Looking for a special nude of a celebrity? Look for their name on the bottom of the site to check out tons of pics dedicated to celebs.

  13. They offer nude celebs, leaked nudes & Sextape. The site looks a bit crappy and the navigation is more a torture than an easy way to find your favourite celebrity, but the content is really worth a visit.

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